Close to Home – A Documentary set in Timor-Leste

Close to Home -60 mins Documentary A one hour documentary set in Timor-Leste, one of our closest neighbours. Essential viewing for every ‘wanna be’ NGO worker or volunteer abroad. SYNOPSIS Like so many ‘been everywhere done everything’ Baby Boomers, 60 year old Anne Tindall wants to make a difference in the world before she dies. […]

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Ceduna Indigenous Youth Arts

Wayne Tindall, artist & creative director of Change the World recently spent a week in Ceduna with Stride Program Co ordinator Shelley Hewson, to work with the Ceduna Youth Hub. The task was to mentor local Indigenous artists and to engage with local Aboriginal youths to ‘paint up’ their Youth Hub Building, introducing them to […]

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Coober Pedy Arts Project

Change the World’s CEO and resident artist Wayne Tindall recently spent two weeks working for the Stride Foundation to assist in delivering a public space mural painting program for young people in Coober Pedy. Stride Foundation is a non-profit, non-government organisation working across Australia to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of young people […]

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Ego Lemos – PermaYouth

Change the World is supporting Ego Lemos with his endeavour to take young Timorese and instil in them a passion for the land and a drive to make Timor-Leste a better place fore themselves and their children. The project is known as PermaYouth. A musician, singer songwriter and environmental troubadour Ego Lemos is a remarkable […]

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Chau’u Polo – A short film made in Lospalos Timor Leste

This short film is a sensation! We spent 10 days in Lospalos working with an enthusiastic group of young people, to build a media centre, equip it and to train them in all aspects of film making. To train them we asked them what story they would like to tell and they came up with […]

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Chau’u’Polo – The making of a short film from Timor Leste

THE MAKING OF CHAU’O POLO – A short ‘behind the scenes’ look at the fun we had with the young people of Lospalos Timor Leste as we trained them in all aspects of film making. The result was a 15 minute short film they titled Chau’u Polo, which as far as we can make out […]

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I dare to believe…

“I  dare to believe that little old me can make a difference in the world. If I can do it…anyone can do it!” Change the World founder and film producer Anne Tindall shares her vision for the company, the story to date and the journey still to come. Change the World is working closely with […]

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DTour – our contribution

THE NEED Mark Grose, Managing Director, Skinnyfish Music and Ego Lemos (Timor’s famous musician, songwriter, permaculturalist, and community development worker) had a dream to create a new annual cultural exchange between Australia and Timor-Leste known as D-Tour. THE SUPPORT To help them realise thsi dream and get this message out to the world, Change the […]

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Timor Tours – our contribution

THE NEED Timor is just a 1 hour flight from Darwin yet the reality is a world away. Travel in Timor-Leste is difficult, sometimes there are no roads and huge mountain ranges to cross.  These conditions isolate communities that would benefit greatly from ‘Eco Tourism’ with ‘Homestay’ facilities. There is a real need to safely […]

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ETWA – fund raiser for building

THE NEED Los Palos (the intellectual capital of Timor and the heart of the resistance movement) is in desperate need for a centre where: Young people can be trained and educated Cultural and artistic activities can be fostered The local women can produce and sell their Tais (Traditional Weaving) New business opportunities such as Eco […]

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