Life, Love & Health – our contribution


East Timor is a country with one of the most appalling maternal and infant mortality rates in the world, where approximately 830 women out of 100,000 die in childbirth. Twelve percent of children don’t make it to their fifth birthday, yet they have a very high birth rate of 7.5 children per family.`
Approximately 50% of the population is under 15 years of age and approximately 80% of women are illiterate.

Life, Love and Health (LL&H) is a volunteer based, Australian registered charity committed to community development in Timor-Leste. Their grassroots projects assist the Timorese people to address their fundamental needs and aspirations as they move forward through difficult challenges to their independent future.


During a recent visit to Timor Leste we were kindly supported by this extraordinary group so we decided to assist them in the way we know best; through the power of film.

This ‘Change the World’ promotional video clip was produced to assist them raise further funds and to highlight the work they are doing to reduce the appalling infant mortality rate in this emerging nation only 45 minutes from Darwin.