Ceduna Indigenous Youth Arts

Wayne Tindall, artist & creative director of Change the World recently spent a week in Ceduna with Stride Program Co ordinator Shelley Hewson, to work with the Ceduna Youth Hub.

The task was to mentor local Indigenous artists and to engage with local Aboriginal youths to ‘paint up’ their Youth Hub Building, introducing them to spray painting & traditional painting techniques.

The results were sensational, with the wider community flocking to the Youth Hub site to see what what taking place.

The week long project created an exciting, colourful and well-executed mural across the main building with another colourful mural situated on the shed at the back.

Wayne was able to:

•    Give the local young people access to new skills and technical ‘know how’ that is inherent in painting for and in public spaces
•    Create awareness around the differences between illegal graffiti and tags, and legal graffiti and street art
•    Demonstrate the benefits of community engagement and collaboration when designing and executing public space art works
•    Teach new techniques and painting methods that can sit alongside and in some cases supplement traditional art practices
•    Create awareness about health and safety issues when executing public art pieces (especially around the use of spray cans and potentially toxic paints)
•    Create awareness about collaboration on a single art piece and how this creates a sense of pride and ownership in the community
•    Teach young people the processes that are required to move from an initial idea to final execution and public display of any art form
•    Create an awareness that public art is not necessarily STATIC and future upgrades and enhancements are a positive part of the whole experience
•    Bring the total community together around a positive and fun art experience
•    Create awareness around the fact that often it’s the process not the final outcome that is the most rewarding
•    Help people from all ages and family backgrounds to work together on a single project that can work for the whole community.