Aboriginal Anti Smoking-Bairnsdale

We recently teamed up with NBS Productions and put our creative hats on to come up with an impressive ‘Anti Smoking Campaign’ for the Indigenous Community in Bairnsdale Victoria.

The desired target audience was broad being:
• Young people that had never smoked
• Young people who smoked
• Mum’s and Dad’s who smoked at hoe and around the kids
• Pregnant mums
• Middle aged parents and singles and
• Elders

We quickly decided to take a holistic approach realising that a campaign of this nature will not be successful with 4 ‘stand alone’ TVC’s without supporting media and the re enforcement of existing social network sites.

Together with the support of the client group, we secured a small group of Indigenous youths who committed to work with us to come up with initial ideas and help with all stages of production in exchange for some formal and professional training in mainstream film and television production.

The idea was that by involving the community at all levels in the actual creative act of this campaign, the key messages would be absorbed by a process of ‘osmosis’, and pride and self esteem would be elevated thus creating a platform from which to build dialogue around an ‘anti smoking’ message.

Four key areas and approaches were identified.
An advert that targets the financial cost to a family when a parent is smoking.

Indigenous Anti Smoking – No Good Aye “A Proud Moment” from wayne tindall on Vimeo.

A hard-hitting ad that targets the family situation when a parent dies through smoking caused

Indigenous Anti Smoking – No Good Aye “The Greatest Gift” from wayne tindall on Vimeo.

An ad that targets youths with a clear outline of cause and effect IE: choices today have impact

Indigenous Anti Smoking – No Good Aye “It’s Your Future” from wayne tindall on Vimeo.

A clear message from the community that smoking is “NO GOOD AYE”

Indigenous Anti Smoking – No Good Aye “Not For Me” from wayne tindall on Vimeo.

The initial proposal encompassed the following media:
• Television
• Radio
• Billboards
• Posters
• T Shirts/caps/USB wrist-bands
• On Line/Youtube/Facebook/Twitter
• Mobile Phone


We proposed a fairly ‘hard hitting’ approach without ‘preaching directly at existing smokers but rather by using a family/community perspective to get the message across.

We felt that by using a selected group of young people in the production process and by documenting this process and placing ‘behind the scenes’ clips on dedicated facebook/twitter pages, a great deal of local, national and even international interest would be generated.