Aboriginal Anti Smoking – Mildura

Change the World is changing the lives of Indigenous communities across Australia!

Once again we teamed up with NBS Productions and put our creative hats on to come up with a powerful ‘Anti Smoking Campaign’ for the Indigenous Community in Mildura Victoria.

The desired target audience was broad being:
• Young people that had never smoked
• Young people who smoked
• Mum’s and Dad’s who smoked at hoe and around the kids
• Pregnant mums
• Middle aged parents and singles and
• Elders

The community decided that nothing short of a ‘hard hitting’ campaign would suffice. They had ‘had enough!’

We involved the community at all levels in the creative act of this campaign ensuring that the key messages would be absorbed by a process of ‘osmosis’, and pride and self esteem would be elevated thus creating a platform from which to build dialogue around an ‘anti smoking’ message.

We also built a holisitic support campaign around the Tv ads including:

  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • USB Wristbands
  • Social Media Sites
  • T-Shirts & Caps

1. Swallow This

This TVC drives home the truth that we would NEVER feed harmful chemicals to our family or children, yet if we smoke around them we are doing just that!

2. Just Like Mum

This TVC is seen from the perspective of an unborn child who is hoping that Mum will give up (cigarettes) so that she (the unborn child) will not be born already addicted to nicotine and heading down the path to trying to give up cigarettes before she can even walk!

3. Doing it to Ourselves

This TV advertisements underlines the reality that all of us have control over our own lives.

    • No one can ‘make us’ unhealthy.
    • We have a choice.
    • The future is where we need to be looking.
    • Our families rely on us to take control.
    • There are no excuses.

3. Tell Me Your Dreams

A deeply personal plea (from Rudy Kirby CEO of MDAS) in Victoria), to all Aboriginal people in his community and beyond to NEVER take up smoking because it will take away your dreams forever!