About Us


Change the World®, the TV Series, was born out of desire by Producer Anne Tindall to make television that is anything but banal and indulgent.

This vision has grown over the last 5 years into a powerful model of engagement between Change the World and local communities right around the globe.

The model follows a simple yet powerful 7 step process.

Step 1 – We identify a village or community in need (we find most require a centre or building infrastructure) and we work closely with key locals to design a sustainable business and cultural centre designed to assist them to move from poverty to a sustainable economic, artistic and social lifestyle.

Step 2 – We assist them by raising the funds to build the centre, equip it with the basics including a design to support it with ongoing training based on a solid ‘train the trainers’ model.

Step 3 – We then work alongside them to make a professional and compelling ‘made for television’ documentary film, following the very human stories of the ‘agony and the ecstasy’ individuals undergo as change is brought to these remote (often war torn) communities.


Step 4 – This is the exciting bit! We select from the local community a group of aspiring young film and online media enthusiasts to form our crew, and we train them over the production period in all aspects of ‘made for TV’ documentary and on line film making. This training has a strong emphasis on ‘web based’ marketing, social media, and e commerce along with tips on how to find new distribution channels for future local productions.


Step 5 – We finish the project with a huge celebration where we publicly recognise all concerned, support local artists and business leaders who helped…and kick the project off with an initial ‘project awareness campaign’…On Line!


Step 6 – The power behind this model of engagement is that we leave the village or community with the complete film production infrastructure used to produce the documentary film…along with an easy to follow curriculum in film, video and multimedia development.

The community can now:

  • engage with the world (telling their own stories in their own way) using professional production tools and techniques
  • advertise their own local produce and crafts on line (including sustainable eco tourism opportunities) and
  • pass this valuable knowledge onto others.


Step 7 – We take each finished documentary to mainstream TV networks, film festivals and other broadcasters as well as pursuing emerging alternative ‘On Line’ Video Channels to entertain, inform and inspire the world!

We also feature the documentaries through our own branded website and associated ‘On Line’ and mobile video channels.