Change the World is currently in production with an exciting ‘Mini Drama/Comedy’ and short Documentary working with Aboriginal young people in Bendigo Victoria Australia.
The project is the brainchild of Change the World’s CEO and Creative Director,Wayne Tindall who is mentoring the young people and training them in all aspects of film making.

The identified benefits of running a course like this are:
•    Increased ‘Self Esteem’ leading to better mental and physical health
•    A greater awareness of health and healing possibilities in the community
•    Professional ‘Skill Acquisition’ leading to possible employment
•    Outlet for ‘Cultural Creativity’ leading to better understanding of Aboriginal Heritage
•    Reduction of ‘Rural Isolation Syndrome’ leading to global peer group exposure.

This model is based on a project recently completed by Change the World in remote Lospalos Timor Leste. This produced the first ever drama based short film in the local language (Tetun) to come out of Timor Leste.
The film helped heal years of war and trauma and is being sent to film festivals around the world.


Wayne also works with Mark Harrison form NBS Productions in Melbourne and this project is a co production between, Change the World Pty Ltd, NBS Productions and BDAC in Bendigo.


The ‘WORLD PREMIERE’ launch of this film will be held in Bendigo City and is seen as an integral part of the total healing and learning cycle for the participants.

•    Launch the film in a local commercial cinema
•    Have a RED CARPET EVENT at the launch
•    Issue certificates to all young participants
•    Have an appropriate invited celebrity entertainer
•    Invite all media
•    Film the event as part of the wider documentary
•    Hear from selected participants