I dare to believe…

“I ┬ádare to believe that little old me can make a difference in the world. If I can do it…anyone can do it!”

Change the World founder and film producer Anne Tindall shares her vision for the company, the story to date and the journey still to come.

Change the World is working closely with a small community in Lospalos in Timor-Leste where the company has raised funds to build a much needed sustainability and cultural centre…to give the community a chance to make some money, create new jobs and help lift them out of the poverty cycle.

Change the World will then work around the globe undertaking similar projects in:

Remote Australia

The plan is to produce an initial 6 part documentary series to be distributed globally, to share the vision and to encourage others to get off their butts and do something…anything to help make this world a better place!