Timor Tours – our contribution

Timor is just a 1 hour flight from Darwin yet the reality is a world away. Travel in Timor-Leste is difficult, sometimes there are no roads and huge mountain ranges to cross.  These conditions isolate communities that would benefit greatly from ‘Eco Tourism’ with ‘Homestay’ facilities. There is a real need to safely transport cashed up tourists to these beutiful and remote areas.

Dave & Shirley Carlos of Timor Tours are helping this tiny nation by bringing much needed tourism dollars through their motorcycle and 4 Wheel Drive tours.

The motorcycle tours in particular allow tourists access to pristine inland wildernesses and untouched coastal beaches. Outside of Dili the capital, most Timorese live on less than 70 cents a day and have no way of making it to the capital to search for work.

These tours bring much needed dollars into remote areas making a difference to individuals and villages few can fully comprehend.

Change the World has supported this group by making a promotional video clip highlighting the tours.