Thoughts on Los Palos

I am sitting at home on the farm, contemplating our next trip to Timor Leste. We still need to raise the money to even get there but I know in my bones we are going.

I love it that the building of the Women’s and Youth Centre we raised over $20,000 for, is all set to commence in April. How wonderful to be there for the 8 weeks of construction to capture on film this huge achievement.

I have been hearing so much lately about all sorts of people doing incredible projects all over the globe.

I think what Change the World can really offer is the opportunity to show these giant leaps forward to an enormous audience through the power of film, be it on television, in cinemas, through travelling roadshows and online through our website and other channels.

We will really dig in and get the history of the places we go to, get to know the locals we are working alongside and hear their point of view about how they see the world.

We’ll explore their country from top to bottom and in the case of Timor Leste that has already been a truly amazing privilege.

In July last year I joined a women’s motorcycle and 4WD tour. I saw the countryside first hand. Both the beauty and the devastation. That is what motivated me to have the fundraiser once we got back to Melbourne.

It was not all beer and skittles, as they say. First I fell off my motorbike and hurt myself, ouch! Then I found I was retaining so much fluid I had basically doubled in size, not pretty! Then to add insult to injury my bed exploded one night during an ill conceived cuddling session with the hubby, again not pretty and ouch!

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Bye for now.

Anne x


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