Nepal – In Planning Stage

I first went to Nepal back in 2006 with Brigitte Muir who was the first Australian to climb the highest peak on each continent.

We had made a Documentary on Brigitte which was screened on SBS. It took us 15 years to make and it was a most incredible journey.

I felt very lucky to accompany Brigitte to Nepal as she needed some help with a Documentary she was making on Sherpas called Beyond the Smile. We wanted to find out firsthand what it was like for the Sherpas and their families when they were away from them for extended periods of time.

Life is difficult, there is no running water, no power and the women are mostly illiterate. They have to literally keep the home fires burning while their husbands are away. They work all day on the farm, look after a large number of children and generally do it very hard.

There is an urgent need for a sustainability centre just like the one in East Timor. It will hugely benefit the young people there as we will leave them once again with a fully equipped film production facility and the training to make their own films and tell their stories.

Anne Tindall – Founder Change the World