Timor Leste – Completed

Los Palos – Timor Leste
After  5 trips to Timor we have finally completed a major project in Los Palos where we raised AU$21,000 to build a local youth training centre for learning English, computer skills and film making. This project has been hugely rewarding with the young people of Los Palos making their own 15 minute drama film as part of our initial training.

Anne Tindall – Founder Change the World


The film made by the young people of Los Palos – All shot, edited and screened locally in 10 days! 

After mass devastation of their homes and villages this incredibly resilient community is slowly recovering and rebuilding sustainable lives.  There is a long but little known history between Australia and Timor and the film will cover many of these incredible stories as well as more recent struggles.

Local People


Los Palos was the heart of Timorese Resistance fighters during the Indonesian occupation and is the intellectual and creative hub of Timor. Like many parts of this ‘war torn’ country, the roads in and out have been destroyed along with much of the infrastructure. This makes it difficult for remote communities to make a sustainable living; to buy and sell; to feed their families. Change the World is using the new digital revolution to bring fresh opportunities to this community, taking advantage of the cheap and reliable telecommunications infrastructure  throughout  Timor Leste.

Local training

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The key to this project is the selection of a group of aspiring ‘wanna be’ local multimedia producers and film makers who form our crew as we cover the stories day-by-day. Over the production period we train them in all aspects of documentary and general film making, with a strong emphasis on ‘On Line’ marketing, social media, and e commerce, along with tips on how to find new channels for video distribution.

The community in Los Palos is close to many pristine beaches and mountain getaways and is a vibrant arts/weaving hub. This offers enormous opportunities for the creation of informative and powerful ‘Eco Tourism’ businesses, along with art/craft business opportunities. Once the community centre is built and the local team trained in digital on line marketing, these opportunities can be quickly realised.

Global Distribution

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Apart from taking the finished documentary to mainstream TV networks, we will also pursue film festivals and other cable broadcasters as well as pursuing emerging alternative ‘On Line’ Video Channels to entertain, inform and inspire the world!

We also feature the documentaries through this website and associated ‘On Line’ and mobile video channels.